Bóthar Dashcams

Who are we?

Why Dashcams?

Why Bóthar?

We’re a young company with big ambition, a drive to be the best at what we do.

Why I started the company:

“Having worked in Sales, Management, Inventory & Purchasing, I learned a lot from these roles. I learned the best ways to do business, and also, have witnessed a lot of ways not to do business!

It’s my aim to offer an unparalleled service and to be a friendly face in a confusing market. With 100’s of different models of dashcams, I found the market overly complicated and daunting for someone who simply wants the best device for what they need.

To further this, I wanted to simplify the process even further. Installing a dashcam properly is a time consuming process. Neatly running the wires behind interior trim and running the power the the fuse box allows for a clean and professional look. It allows you to get on with your day and just end up with the finished result, a high quality dashcam working for you when you need it.”

Jason O’ Reilly Founder 

Why Bóthar?

Well, if you dont know. Bóthar is the Irish word for Road. We are proud to be an Irish company and to be supporting the Irish economy.

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