Bóthar Dashcams

We believe that things shouldn’t be complicated. We offer simple, high quality dashcams at an affordable price. Our range is small but that is because we pick the best and forget the rest.

To make things even easier, we offer a installation of our dashcam for a small added fee. We come to your chosen place ( Home, Workplace etc ) and install the dashcam while you get on with your busy day.  When we are finished and if you have the time, we’ll show you all the features of your dashcam and how to use it.


Easy? We think so.

Home Delivery

Know your way around a car? Have a spare hour or 2 to set up your dashcam? Great! We’ll deliver your model quickly to get you going!


You’re busy? We all are! Let us take care of your installation ensuring a neat finished job. We’ll hide all the wiring and run the power needed for the dashcam into the fuse box keeping your sockets free. Once we are done installing it, we can set it up and show you how to use it. 

We offer this service in Munster.

Contact Us

087 3644 359

Douglas, Co Cork.


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